Arsenal’s Eduardo Silva: More Hleb Than Henry?

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New Arsenal striker took part in your standard new-signing interview with Arsenal magazine and, with little in the way of anything original to say, we’ve instead tried to put things in the context of recent Arsenal signings.

“I don’t think anyone can fill Henry’s boots. A player who does as much for Arsenal as Henry did will only come around once every 50 years,” da Silva told the Arsenal Magazine.

Well, that’s obvious. And the sooner Arsenal fans can accept that, the better for everyone, except Spurs fans looking for a ruck. Everyone other than Dennis Bergkamp has shown us that is hard enough even partnering the guy.

“My style is closer to the Europeans – not like Robinho or one of these Brazilian players that like to dribble a lot.

Sounds good on paper, especially as Eduardo has plenty of experience playing in Europe and has actually chosen to represent Croatia rather than Brazil. But like Alexandre Hleb when he first arrived, questions must be asked of how he will adapt into their flowing passing game. He could end up providing some end product, or he could get caught ball watching if he can’t or won’t join in. Hleb struggled with it at first but improved greatly last season, even becoming ranked as the fifth best midfielder in the Premiership by some nutter.

“English football is faster and more physical and the quicker I adapt, the better,” he explained.

Ah, the opposite of Jose Reyes when he first arrived. Ready and willing to take a few knocks on his way to the top, at least until he’s on the receiving end of his first two footed lunge from some Birmingham reserve centerback.

“I’m a player that likes to do my bit, who the coach can tell what to do, and does it with speed and strength.”

Sounds like… err… Julio Baptista when he first arrived. Which is a bit of a step in the wrong direction, but maybe Eduardo can actually deliver now that everyone isn’t expecting him to be a beast. Get it? Because that’s Julio’s nickname. The Beast.

We’re leaning towards the Alexandre Hleb experience on this one, Eduardo may have European experience but even the best players won’t find it easy to fit seamlessly into Arsenal’s flowing football. We think he’ll have his moments, but best to give him some patience and hope he starts to come good as Hleb did this year.