Tottenham Have The Premiership’s Best Strikers?

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According to, err, former Spurs player Les Ferdinand,

“Tottenham have got the best quartet of strikers in the Premiership at this moment in time.

“The only way you can keep them happy is by playing them. I don’t think the manager has a rotational policy, he takes it game by game. If a player is scoring then he is in.

“I was very fortunate in my career because there wasn’t many occasions when I was left on the bench. As I got older it happened of course but not in my heyday. Whenever I was dropped I never knocked on the manager’s door, I always looked at my own performance.”

Of course the most likely chaps to contest this would be Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool. But if you look at either goal production from last season or just the names on paper, it would be hard for any of them to argue that Spurs don’t at least match, if not exceed, their talent. If their midfield can create chances and the defense can stay injury free, there won’t be a shortage of opportunities to win matches for Martin Jol’s side next season.

Oh and Aston Villa too, because they have Marlon Harewood.