Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mummy Hates Jose Mourinho

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It seems the little verbal tussle that the Chelsea boss and Manchester United winger went through last season is still firmly in the mind of Ronaldo’s mum, who is still not too pleased that Jose stooped to taking a shot at her son’s upbringing.

Ronaldo’s mummy said,

“I am the one who told Cristiano not to say a word to Mourinho — and he hasn’t.

“They still have not spoken since he called my boy ill-educated and tried to embarrass him in public.

“I don’t believe he will shake hands with Mourinho before the game on Sunday either.

“I wasn’t going to have my son dropping to that level. I told him not to speak to him — and he hasn’t.

“Mourinho always liked Cristiano a lot. They would speak to each other on their mobile phones and they were friends. But things have changed.

“It’s wrong bringing class into it. Mourinho said Cristiano had no education and that it wasn’t a surprise considering where he had come from.

“Yes, I was once poor. My children were raised in a social quarter but I knew how to educate them.

“As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with being poor.

“Maybe Mourinho was always rich and that’s why he speaks of others the way he does.”

Feisty words! And while Jose’s comments and jibes are generally quite funny and taken with a pinch of salt by the public, he went a bit over the top by bringing class, family and education into the whole thing. It’s a bit like that one mate who always goes too far and ends up ruining a good night out for everyone when he tells you he hopes your mum dies of AIDS.