Latest Transfer Rumours: Tottenham, Everton, Portsmouth, Reading, Middlesbrough, Bolton, Fulham and more

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The world of Premiership transfer gossip is full of nonsense, but some nonsense is more interesting that the other nonsense. Speculation is rife in the likes of the Mirror, Daily Mail, Times, Sun and… err… Tribal Football all do their best to predict and/or completely make up the future.

Here’s our opinion on the Premiership transfer rumours we’ve read in the papers and around the net… and if you have any thoughts, pop em in the comments.

CaughtOffside Says: Any reasons why from Fulham fans would be appreciated, we thought the young lad was doing quite well. But clearly we’re idiots.

Middlesbrough boss Gareth Southgate is preparing a £6m bid for Heerenveen’s 26-year-old Brazilian striker Afonso Alves.

CaughtOffside Says: Unlike some people, we resisted the “Boro to sign Alves!” headline to bait in some angry Chelseaers, but after picking up Mido for a similar fee we can only see this happening if Yakubu leaves first.

Everton are close to signing striker Yakubu from Middlesbrough for a fee in the region of £11m.

CaughtOffside Says: Well, alright then…

Everton midfielder Andy van der Meyde is likely to be released by Everton next week.

CaughtOffside Says: Fails to turn up late to training yet again, generally some kind of drunkard and a permanent thorn in David Moyes’ side. Not sure how he lasted this long, and surely the last bit of faith in this lad is gone.

Tottenham are considering a 10 million bid for Portsmouth’s Matthew Taylor.

CaughtOffside Says:
After today’s resounding win, no doubt Spurs fans will be a little happier about their ability to be the first side to play for 3 years without a left midfielder. But they still need one. Badly.

Portsmouth boss Hary Redknapp is considering a late bid to sign Bolton striker Nicolas Anelka.

CaughtOffside Says: Anelka deserves better than to play for a post-Allardyce side, his talents wouldn’t be out of place at a top four side and so anyone else would do very well to snap him up.

Reading boss Steve Coppell says Nicky Shorey and Leroy Lita “would have to tell him 100% they did not want to play for him any more” if they want to leave.

CaughtOffside Says: Clearly Coppell hasn’t heard the saying “be careful what you wish for” but, really, there’s limited destinations for either of them in the Premier League so probably better not to rock the boat.