Tabloids Make Wild, Unfounded Claims About West Ham

The Daily Mail has a few interesting bits of information for Hammer supporters, with no quotes or sources but you know what they say – “There’s no smoke without bollocks”,

Craig Bellamy has had a spectacular fall-out with manager Alan Curbishley only a month into his West Ham career.

Bellamy slipped back into his old ways in the wake of West Ham’s opening day defeat to Manchester City and exchanged harsh words with his new manager.

First instinct is that it serves the Hammers right for signing a complete nutter who falls out with everyone, but then again a fiery player like Bellers could easily have thrown a minor strop without it meaning anything. More than likely it’s just a case of things getting blown out of proportion by Bellmay’s friend’s cat’s nan’s postman, or whoever the Mail’s source is.

The rag also throws out some ‘facts’ about the Hammers wage structure that goes completely against the 55k/week cap that Eggsy Magnusson claimed was in place,

It means Dyer who, like Ljungberg, is on £70,000 a week after signing from Newcastle, will make his first start for the Hammers against Steve Bruce’s side on the right of midfield.

Again, suspending our disbelief for a moment, if the Hammers are throwing that kind of money around just to get people to sign for them it’s probably not a good sign. Much is made about what would happen to Chelsea should Abramovich leave them high and dry, but the Blues are champions and growing their worldwide profile every day and it won’t be long before they are self sustainable.

The Hammers, on the other hand, will be completely arsed with a wage structure like this should Eggsy up and bugger off. At least that’s what we’re guessing until someone in the comments starts telling us how everything will be ok because the chairman has already detailed his biscuit-related backup plan.