Sullivan: Birmingham fans prefer their armchairs to St Andrews

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David Sullivan, Birmingham’s co-owner has lashed out at his team’s “armchair fans”. Birmingham only sold 13,700 season tickets , and only 24,981 Birmingham fans turned up to see West Ham beat them 1-0, and 24,898 came to the Birmingham-Sunderland match.

Sullivan griped,

“Most of our supporters are armchair fans unless it is a big game”

The Birmingham Chairman stopped short of falling into an abyss of negativity though,

“We all know that we have one of the biggest fan bases in the country and, if these fans turn out and support us every week, we would need a 60,000 capacity stadium.”

St Andrew’s has a capacity of 30,000 and Sullivan feels that he needs to rile up the Birmingham faithful, lliterally challenging them to come along and see them play.

Compare this to goings on at resurgent Sunderland, they have a fearsome manager who sweats menace from every pore, a young chairman heading a positive consortium (without a whiff of wanting to pick the team) and 43,967 turned up to watch them beat Tottenham on the opening day of the season.

Is the stereotype of the moaning negative Brum fan true? Is this giant asleep, and even if it was awake, would it be bothered to get out of bed?