Sir Alex to let Heinze rot in the reserves, or at West Ham.

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The ever-reliable tabloid the Sun is reporting today that Manchester United defender Gabriel Henize could be loaned out to West Ham. Apparently what the Sun describes as a “cheeky” bid from Alan Curbishly has got Sir Alex thinking, after all they’re not much of a rival are they and hardly one to take to court in order to… well… nevermind.

But in a piece of astounding investigative journalism, the Sun claims that Sir Alex would,

“Let him link up with close pal Curbs.”

There are three huge questions that emanate from this breaking story. Firstly, will David Moyes recover from the body blow of not seeing a Manchester United reject come his way? Secondly, is Moyes not jealous that Sir Alex has another ‘close pal’?

And given that many figure Heinze was due to get the “David May” treatment at United, hopefully West Ham have suddenly become a more suitable punishment.