More Good News For Totteham: Arsenal Will Re-sign Arsene Wenger

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Several newspapers are reporting that Arsene Wenger will soon sign a new contract for Arsenal, capping off a fine week for Tottenham.

In light of the miasma of ugly rumours and “he said, she said he said” bollocks at White Hart Lane, Paul Robinson’s public caning for his England error, this is the latest body blow of bad news. With Spurs still reeling from the non-stop press onslaught on their manager and club, Arsenal are ready to secure the signature of their finest ever boss.

Arsenal’s chairman Peter Hill-Wood said,

“Hopefully we’ll have something to say in the next week or so. The length of the contract is up to him but hopefully it will be a two or three-year deal.

Only an absolute turd jockey would have thought Arsene Wenger was about to leave the club while still building his next great side. With that much young talent, even two or three years seems insufficient to really get them going.