Should Tottenham’s Keeper Be England’s?

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When Portsmouth’s David James is trying to defend your blunder, you know its serious.

Tottenham keeper Paul Robinson has received a large slice of criticism for his role in Germany’s first goal is last night’s 2-1 defeat. Robinson failed to deal with a Bernt Schneider cross that bounced off to the feet of Kevin Kuranyi who proceeded to score a gift-wrapped tap in. Goalkeeping compatriot David “Calamity” James doesn’t blame Paul Robinson. David James said:

“It was a difficult cross for a keeper. Hopefully he will not get too much criticism.”

Manchester United air-head Rio Ferdinand also leapt to Robinson’s defence saying:

“He is a big enough guy. He knows how to deal with situations like this.”

Pity he didn’t know how to deal with Scneider’s cross.

Robinson later glumly stated :

“I’m disappointed with the way I played this evening. People won’t show you sympathy.”

It’ll be interesting to see how McClaren handles (hah! get it?) his goalkeeping situation, but should Paul Robinson remain England’s #1?