Chelsea Gave Arjen Robben No Confidence

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In a move guaranteed to upset many a Chelsea fan Arjen Robben has claimed it was a ‘relief’ to escape from Chelsea.

The Dutch winger said:

“After a while I felt I wasn’t getting the confidence I needed from them and I started changing my mind about staying. When a massive club like Real comes for you it gives you a lot of confidence.”

Strange, as we always imagined Mourinho as a great leader of men, fantastic Chelsea team spirit and all that – especially for the players he needed. So we have to imagine than Jose had a problem with Arjen rather than any inability to keep him happy.

Mourinho has improved his spirits after the loss of Robben by indulging in some retail therapy and buying Juliano Belletti. Mourinho really fancied putting Daniel Alves on the Chelsea credit card but Sevilla would not drop their £27m demands.