Reading Striker Reckons He’s Really, Really Good

When you think of striker’s in contention for a starting spot for England, Reading striker Leroy Lita is not a name that comes to mind unless you Leroy Lita’s mum.

Or Leroy Lita, apparently.

“I can score goals anywhere and if it’s in an England shirt that will be even more special,” the Congo-born striker told The Sun.

“I believe in myself. I love scoring and can produce. It won’t matter who I play alongside if I get a call-up.

“I like to score from all over. Most of my goals, probably nine out of 10, come from inside the box.

“England have a lot of quality strikers and I just want to be a part of it.”

Lita hit 14 goals last season for his club, not at all a bad return. But if England are looking to such an untested player to lead the team out for a crucial World Cup qualifier then, well, that sucks.