Predict The Score: Manchester United vs Tottenham

Both clubs have a lot on the line after crap starts to the season, although there are a couple of differences. Martin Jol’s managerial capabilities are under fire, Sir Alex’s are not. Spurs looked awful in losses to Everton and Sunderland, Manchester United have dominated all of their matches but lacked clinical finishing.

In the past, this would mean that Spurs would get roundly thumped 3-0 by halftime, leading to a sudden rise in Gloating Arsenal Supporter-related homicides. But this is a new Tottenham, or at least that’s what Sky tells us. Manchester United will be itching to send a message and if Louis Saha returns to the side from injury, there could be plenty of goals for him on his season debut.

So with kickoff just under two hours away, predict the score for this match and then brag, brag, brag some more when you get it right.