“Ugly” Liverpool Disgusts Real Madrid Manager

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Real Madrid coach Bernd Schuster, perhaps enraged by Rafa Benitez’ beard, last night launched a volley of abuse at the Spaniard and Liverpool. Schuster attacked the way Liverpool play football, and then admitted they are one of Real’s biggest rivals for the Champions League. Schuster said:

“Liverpool rely on an unattractive style of football. They are an ugly team to play. Look how they really gave Barcelona a going-over last season, when they knocked them out of the Champions League. That’s what I mean….I would rate Liverpool, like AC Milan, as our major rivals for the Champions League this season. They are clubs which never tire of winning big trophies again and again.”

Schuster’s comments, possibly brought on by Rafa’s facial accoutrements, are more likely because of the fact that he regards Rafa as a rival for his job. Last season Rafa admitted that he received a huge offer to manage at Real Madrid, and Schuster is probably trying to slate Rafa in case the Spaniards cv is still luring the people upstairs at the Bernebeu.

Schuster finished off this interview by giving a huge sigh of relief that Gabby Heinze wasn’t ‘allowed’ to sign for ugly old Liverpool. Schuster said:

“Signing Heinze when he wasn’t allowed to move to Liverpool took a weight off my shoulders. We were desperate for exactly that type of player…..He’s aggressive, he’s a tough defender and we needed somebody who played from his left foot.”

So Schuster, like Idan Tal, hasn’t exactly set the world alight with his insight – according to him Liverpool are contenders but they play football that makes the beautiful game look like John Merrick. Yawn.