Premier League Hot Gossip: Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester United’s Mark Apostolou brings guest coverage of all the day’s Premier League rumours.

There is growing speculation that PSV boss Ronald Koeman is in line to succeed Martin Jol should the Tottenham board lose patience with the manager (Daily Express). Well, having failed to land Sevilla’s Juande Ramos, expect to hear of a Spurs delegation arriving at a hotel in downtown Eindhoven (assuming Eindhoven has a downtown, that is). The officials of the north London club will of course be meeting the Dutchman to discuss matters totally unconnected to the soon-to-be-vacant position – and it will all be a horrendous coincidence.

I feel very sorry for Jol. I have harped on about his treatment on many occasions and I appear set to do so again – I just can’t help myself! Daniel Levy and his money-men friends are in danger of ruining what was seemingly a bright future at White Hart Lane. I have no doubt that this rumour was helpfully created by a tabloid hack as it would conveniently mean that the current boss could return to his homeland to coach PSV before taking the national team post that he has already been linked with for the future.

Well, I hope Jol stays at Tottenham – but expect these rumours to grow stronger every day and things may become far, far worse for the Tony Soprano lookalike should they lose to Arsenal in the derby. If only members of the mob family could come to his rescue and make his chairman an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Patrick Vieira has claimed, perhaps unwisely, that clubs like Arsenal are damaging the future of the English game by not bringing local talent through (Daily Star). Now there is a case for this argument, but for that case to be aired by a member of the hugely important foreign footballing invasion seems odd and frankly makes me wonder why he has bothered to mention it at all.

Arsenal, as well as other clubs in the Premier League, do have a United Nations of players on their books, which in theory could hold back some British talent from coming through. However, I am a strong believer in the fact that if you are good enough, whether you’re French of English, you will be noticed.

The good far outweighs the bad in this ongoing debate, and whether you like it or not, the bigger the English domestic game gets (and let’s face it, it’s getting bigger every year), the more likely clubs within the most popular League on the planet will attract the best players on the planet. And that can’t be a bad thing.

Is Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson beginning to mellow in his old age? He has at long last admitted he was wrong to drive Jaap Stam out of Old Trafford because of personal differences (Daily Mirror). Umm, well, he counters that admission with stinging back-handed criticism aimed at David Beckham, another player he famously ostracized during his time at the helm. Ferguson reckons Beckham has no chance of making soccer a major sport in the US (Daily Star). To be fair, his jibe seems more aimed at the nation of America than poor little Becks, who probably still dreams of the flying boot connecting with his forehead. Ouch!

However, the stubborn old goat has announced what many have probably thought for many years, by suggesting that the former England captain has never been the same since he married Victoria (various). Now that will be a sure-fire way to get Fergie’s name knocked off the invite list for any of the high-profile parties that Posh arranges whilst simultaneously trying to revive her sorry excuse for a career. Which may or may not have been Sir Alex’s overall aim.