Another Chance For England To Show The World How Not To Play Football

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We’d say Mr. C isn’t keen on internationals.

Is there is anything in life that is more depressing than International week?

Why many of you are probably excited in anticipation, looking forward to the night at the pub and busy deciding whether to paint your face or not (Why do people do that?) I will be looking for nearest pair of tweezers and pulling some arse hairs out.

People often find it strange how someone who is so passionate and mad for their own club fails to get hooked into the hysteria that seems to grip the country when England play in games or tournaments but it is simple…England are useless, lack energy, creativity, passion and the players constantly under perform and replicate the form they show for their clubs.

There seems to be this great myth that when you play in Europe or Internationals you have to play a slow a patient game; what a load of bollocks…the only reason Liverpool have been the most successful English side in the CL is they are the only team who get at their opposition faces and play with the type of tempo and passion they show in the Premiership and they get their rewards.

I haven’t watched a full England game since the days of Glenn Hoddle, who produced by far the most entertaining England side of recent memory; it was solid, creative and had all the characteristics of a side capable of challenging for the major tournaments. I often wonder what Hoddle could have achieved if he hadn’t made those ill advised comments to the press. I mean this is the man who didn’t give two tosses about reputations and happily kicked Gascoigne out of the World Cup Squad…could you ever imagine the ever weak McLaren or his pointless predecessor Eriksson ever kicking out a Steven Gerrard or Wayne Rooney; I mean they are too scared to drop Frank Lampard from a starting line up.

So much rubbish has been written of late with the so called experts of the game trying to put their finger of where it goes wrong with England. The latest excuse on the production line is Trevor Brooking insisting that the influx of foreign players is the reason for our failings…another great myth, they enhance the game and make English players better…look what Klinsmann did for Teddy Sheringham for example. When will we wake up to the fact that it is the crazy appointments of people like Brooking, McLaren and Stuart Pearce as the reason we are failing.

What has Brooking ever done in the game apart from be the worst Match of the day pundit of all time and relegate his beloved West Ham? McLaren is no better than a No.2 and Stuart Pearce has proved at both Forest and Man City that he is incapable of managing anything; yet these people are employed to turn around the fortunes of our great nation’s football team.

Tell me a company in this world who has aspirations to become great and then go out and employ three men who have little more than one Carling cup in their illustrious careers as managers; maybe the FA should get their finger out of their arses, stop wasting money on new academies and new directives and get people in charge who are better qualified than the wasters that are currently employed.

England never had a better chance than last year to win a major title; we are blessed with some of the finest players ever to come out of England who have been enhanced by playing alongside top foreign nationals. It is time to stop hiding behind problems than don’t exist and be proactive in getting those better qualified in positions of power. An England squad has never been so talented; it just lacks the coaching and management team it deserves.