England News Roundup: It’s SO BORING.

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Edward has read up on all the latest England team news, so you don’t have to. Not that anyone was going to bother anyway.

So in an attempt not to bore everyone silly I am going to corral all the snore-worthy England news into one concise posting.

Stevie G has “declared himself fit” trumpets the Independent, whilst Steve McClaren has soothed the small clutch of journo’s not snoring in their seats by revealing that Owen Hargreaves only has a “small problem” (with his thigh that is) and it should clear up shortly.

The Independent goes on to claim that McClaren is currently favouring Andy Johnson over Emile Heskey, but they then qualify that by saying that McClaren “has not ruled out a late change to a different system”. So we’re still in the dark then?

The Daily Mail covers Rio Ferdinand’s pain and anguish at having a Scottish manager, with an irritating smirk, alleged piles “issues, and Scotland the Brave as his ringtone. Ferdinand claims he wouldn’t be able to handle defeat over the weekend because of Fergie’s gloating, Rio said:

“Walking into the training ground at United and seeing the manager would kill me, to be honest,”

Good to see that it is Rio’s Scottish domestic manager who provides him with motivation for the weekend, not Steve McClaren(!)
The Sun, meanwhile, are trying their hardest to get some controversy going. It has a pic of Graham “Turnip” Taylor on the back next to one of Stevie Mc”C” – a painful comparison, made worse by Tony Adams claiming in the accompanying article that “He reminds me of Graham Taylor.” Whoa there.

The Sun also prefers to take the “OWEN HARGREAVES remains a serious doubt for England’s Euro 2008 qualifier with Israel at Wembley on Saturday.” line, perhaps feeling that it will get everybodies juices going a little more.

So that is my round-up of the ritzy glamourous world of England’s International Team news; in a nutshell Owen Hargreaves has a “small problem, Stevie’s toe won’t make him miss Israel, and Sir Alex has an annoying ringtone.