Which Club Has The Most Underrated Manager? Blackburn? Everton? Tottenham? Reading? Arsenal? Sunderland?

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Yesterday we asked you who the most overrated team was, today we want to know the most underrated manager.

Blackburn and Everton have a lot of reasons to thank Mark Hughes and David Moyes, Bolton may yet survive this season on the back of Sam Allardyce’s monumental achievements at Bolton while Steve Coppell still has Reading looking like anything but a yo-yo club. Sunderland’s bright start under Roy Keane has gone off the boil a bit but there’s every reason to be optimistic, while West Ham… um, well at least Martin Jol has somehow gone from overrated to underrated in the span of about one month.

Then again if, for some reason, you think Arsene Wenger doesn’t get a fair shake for turning Arsenal from snore to glor..y, or maybe Jose Mourinho’s ability is masked by Roman’s billions, then you could go that way too.

So make a case for your man, or someone else’s, who is the league’s most underrated manager?