No Takeover For Arsenal As Wenger Considered Walking Out

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A few interesting comments from David Dein, ex Arsenal big wig and former Arsene Wenger BFF.

Apparently breaking up the dynamic duo was harder for Wenger than he let on, with the Frenchman seriously considering buggering off for new pastures. Certainly a catastrophic event for a club who is really only set up to succeed under his tutelege right now given the number of youngsters who are there solely to be groomed by him,

“When I left in April I think his future was very much in the balance, in fact he said to me at the time he wasn’t sure he wanted to stay on,” Dein said. “I think it was important he stayed on for the future of the club with all the players he is bringing through, his eye for talent.

“It was a very, very major decision for him to stay on. Certainly I wanted him to stay on. My love for the club is undiminished, irrespective of events that have happened and I know Arsene is right for the club.”

Also interesting to note is that Dein played down any idea of a takeover right now, something many assumed was imminent after he sold off his remaining stake in the club to some dodgy Russians,

He added: “No, not at all. It was always the intention for Arsene to continue at the club. He is the right man to take the club forward.

“As for the question of future investment it remains to be seen what will happen but the comments that I made last week are true that I can see the landscape is changing and it will continue to change.

“In the fullness of time you will see that more investment will be needed.

“There is certainly no takeover plan at this moment.”

Dein is now chairman of Red and White Holdings Ltd, and with a name like that it’s hard to see any intention other than some sort of eventual hostile takeover. Re-uniting Dein and Wenger will probably be the best news possible for many Arsenal fans, especially if a few hundred million pounds find their way into the transfer kitty as well.