Arsenal Cat Fight On The Cards?

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You can say a lot of things about Arsenal keeper Jens Lehmann, most involving profanity, but he certainly provides some excellent entertainment. Whether he’s winding up opposition players, committing hilarious blunders, or diving about so badly it makes Didier Drogba look like a model footballer – people get their money’s worth when they pay to see Mad Jens.

He also knows how to get some drama out of one of the more boring positions, his battle with Oliver Kahn over the Germany #1 shirt is legendary stuff and now it seems he’s turned his attention to local matters by laying the gauntlet down for Manuel Almunia,

“I am without a doubt mentally the strongest player at Arsenal because I have more experience,” Lehmann claimed in The People.

“There will always be a keeper who will play better for two or three matches but I have never seen anyone do this for ten games.

“I know that I have an advantage at Arsenal and that I can keep it. I don’t see any young supermen keeping me out.”

He said: “I know I will be playing again at Arsenal. The coach will let me play.

“He knows it, and I know it – it doesn’t matter if I have another week out.

“I have read that Almunia said he deserves to be the No 1 but until now he has not won a single important game.”

Ohhh in your motherf**king face Alumnia!

But in reality everything had been pretty cordial between the two and unfortunately it’ll probably stay that way. But Almunia has put in some solid performances and we’re praying that Lehmann does end up sitting on the bench for a bit, simply because he’s the only keeper liable to start shining a laser pointer in Manuel’s eyes from the sidelines, or maybe leave a pile of dog doo in his gloves.