Chelsea Owner Does His Best To Screw England

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So here we are *YAWN* the drudgery continues in international week, with England set to battle a “more-physical-than-Israel” Russia…*YAWN* …To be honest, here at COS we have all been sleepwalking through this dire week. What we really need is for some nice billionaire to spice things up by offering $40,000 to every Russian player if they beat our English boys. Hold on a sec, the Daily Mail (aka “The Sword of Truth”) has just confirmed this!!!!!!!!

The Daily Mail says that :

“Around £15,000 a man is coming from the Russian Football Union, which is funded by Abramovich, and another £25,000 has been guaranteed from the Russian National Football Academy, which is also backed by the Chelsea owner.”

This mouth-watering offer won’t affect Russian striker Alexander Kerzhakov though. Kerzhakov said:

“For me it doesn’t really matter if it’s Abramovich’s money or someone else’s.I play for the colours of the Russian flag and not for banknotes.”

(Boring git).

Steve McClaren has responded to the avalanche of cash swilling around the Russians by sticking to a simple and very English gameplan: “GET UP ‘EM BOYS, GET IN THEIR FACES…RAAAAARGH”

England’s copper haired head coach *actually* said:

“Teams don’t like the way English players play and the way they are always in their faces, playing with a high tempo, being strong, physical and powerful. That was the key behind the win over Israel.We will definitely be trying the same again. It’s an important part of the style that England play.”

So, when it comes down to it, it is Russian dosh VS English “Get in their faces” Bulldog spirit. Who is your money on?