Sunderland’s Kieron Richardson Vaguely Resembles A Waste Of Money

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The Daily Mail is reporting that Sunderland and former Manchester United midfielder Kieran Richardson, a recent £5.5million acquisition, could be missing for up to three months with a stress fracture of the back. Richardson’s signing, criticised in some quarters for being A TOTAL AND UTTER RIP OFF, will come under even more focus now.

Manager Roy Keane said:

“We’ll have more news after he sees a surgeon later today. I would have thought that he’ll be out for two to three months. It’s a major disappointment. Kieran was able to do elements of training but it affected him when he twisted or hit the ball hard. In the last week or two we were hoping that it might settle down but clearly it’s a lot more serious.”

He may eventually come good, but so far his value to Sunderland’s Premier League campaign has been nowt.

In other tenuously related news, the proles in London are getting so bored with International Week that they have started turning on famous football managers. Sir Alex Ferguson was allegedly attacked by a man at Euston station yesterday. A rail spokesman said:

“We can confirm that one of the victims was Sir Alex Ferguson and he received injuries to his leg.”

….Somehow this is your fault McClaren!