Liverpool Boss sets Lawyers on FA and his former assistant.

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The Times is today reporting that Rafa Benitez, not content with openly griping about the horrible fixtures flung on his team, has been off doing some ‘research’. Rafa Benitez now has a whopping dossier on the unfair treatment of Liverpool clasped in his clammy hands.

Rafa yelped:

“We will be talking to the Premier League about this because it is not fair…After international matches and Champions League in the last few years, we have played more games on a Saturday than anyone and more away games than anyone. There are too many early kick-offs and I am not pleased about the situation at all.”

Sir Alex Ferguson has already registered his tuppence worth on this, he thinks that Rafa has a monumental “chip on his shoulder” , and Fergie should know about dented body parts. Rafa fought back by saying: “Other clubs can say things, but the numbers are clear,”

Rafa will be taking his findings to the authorities, who he already berated earlier this season for the way they handled the Heinze transfer saga. Rafa has leapt into this season like a deranged wilderbeast, with mud-slinging aplenty. In addition to accusing the FA of anti-Liverpool-ism he has also had an acrimonious split with his assistant, Pako Ayesteran. The Times thinks he

“might have lined up a job at Chelsea or Manchester United, both of whom have indicated that there is no such move in prospect…with BenÍtez making clear his opposition to any move that would take his former assistant to a rival club.”

This has prompted Rafa to get back on the blower with his overworked lawyers. Rafa said:

“The lawyers are working on this now…As far as our staff is concerned, we have very good people working with us already – Alex Miller, Angel Vales, Xavi Valero, Paco De Miguel and others – so everything is OK for us. But I think the position should be clear. When you are talking about clubs at this level, you can’t just go from one club to another club with all the information that you would have.”

So is this really a huge conspiracy, are Liverpool being punished unfairly, or is this a man crumbling into an abyss of paranoia. And would Pako really do the dirty and go to Chelsea?