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Two Men Enter is a new CaughtOffside feature, where we’ll pit people against each other and ask you, the readers, to determine who comes out on top. Today we have the pressing question that has come out of England’s International Games. Mr Gareth Barry of Mr Frank Lampard?

Steve McClaren’s last two results have been his best. A good victory over Israel, a great victory over Russia and a heart pumping return for Michael Owen (Britney: THAT is how you do a comeback luv, get yer bum over to the north east and suck in the revitalizing Geordie air!).

Many people seem startled by this sudden upsurge in England’s results. Has McClown taken a page out of Sir Alf’s book and played a team rather than a putting out bunch of disinterested cash munching cows onto the Wembley turf? Their was a oh-so-sweet daisy chain of cute friendships blossoming all over Wembley on Wednesday. Mica Richards arm-in-arm with his old City bud SWP, Mickey Owen skipping in unison with Emile, the two Chelsea Cole’s down the left, and a friendship now given a chance on the football field: Gareth Barry & Stevie Gerrard. Now before the Aston Villa man, gets a Stevie “G” tattoo in a personal space, and puts up his “Gareth & Stevie” sticker on the top of his Ford Cortina windscreen – we have to establish one thing. GARETH BARRY OR FRANK LAMPARD. Stick with cool as a cucumber Gareth or go back to Frank, a favourite of the legendary “boo-boys”. So which is it? BARRY vs LAMPARD – WHO DO YOU CHOOSE?