Two Men Enter: Walcott vs Bale, which would you choose?

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It’s Two Men Enter time, and now we’re looking at two boys….Spurs’ Bale and Arsenal’s Walcott…Who do you choose?

It is the North London derby tomorrow, at White Hart Lane. Tottenham are itching to improve their tepid at best start to the League, whilst Arsenal are looking to continue onwards and upwards, whilst kicking Spurs in the teeth to boot.
There will be some interesting encounters, starting with the two managers. One has just declared his undying commitment to his club, the other is still hanging on, the divorce papers seemingly caught up in red tape after the powers that be sought a quickie divorce…

The match up that really intrigues us is the battle between Gareth Bale and Theo Walcott. The Daily Mail has told us that the two

“were starry-eyed 15-year-old room-mates at the Southampton Academy when they made their way nervously to Norwich for an Under-18 fixture one evening in January 2005.”

These one time bedroom buddies now play for two mortal enemies, Bale, who shook off an early season injury has looked promising in glimpses, most notably in the full blown gallop and goal against Fulham. Walcott will probably be on the bench tomorrow, but he has toiled with a talent-numbing shoulder injury, since Sven threw him in the England World Cup squad.

So who would you rather have. The Gareth ‘The Next Ryan Giggs’ Bale, or Theo ‘Sven’s Gamble’ Walcott…..