Predict The Score You Genius: Portsmouth v Liverpool

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Time for Rafa Benitez to put his money where his very busy mouth is and capitulate against Pompey, just so that he can moan about how rough their schedule was. Alternatively, he could do what he’s paid a lot of money for and find a way to win.

Anyway, we like to think we know our football regardless of what clinical delusion the words on these pages suggest, and we know that chances are you do as well. Most fans believe they have a keener eye for a pass, a better tactical brain, and a greater appreciation of all things round and grassy – but here’s your chance to prove it.

With kickoff just a short while away, predict the score for this match and then brag, brag, brag some more when you get it right… or come back and make excuses when it all goes pear shaped.