Chelsea Boss says Arsenal and Liverpool Didn’t Deserve Champions League Football?

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Chelsea boss Jose “The Special One” Mourinho has hit out at teams weaker than his billionaire fat cat boys by claiming that fourth place, claimed by Arsenal and Liverpool in recent years, doesn’t deserve a Champions League spot.

Mourinho is falling in line with Platini’s mooted policy of scrapping the fourth placed Champions Leage spot and instead offering it to the FA Cup Winners. Mourinho is quoted in the Sun as saying :

“If the FA Cup winner becomes the fourth to qualify or if the FA Cup winner is one of the first three, I would be happy with that. The big teams here should not be afraid to finish fourth because then maybe then they don’t deserve to be in the Champions League.”

A not-at-all subtle dig at Arsenal and Liverpool from the master of the mind games. But giving a Champions League spot to the FA Cup would certainly spice the competition up and give it some real meaning, but how would the Big Four feel if it suddenly got cut down to a Big Three each year?