Arsenal Players Are Ready To Do Anything To Beat Tottenham

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Someone must have told Armand Traore that north London derbies were fiery affairs and the young lad came prepared and ready to give his team the edge, a lethal edge. The Sun revealed that the Arsenal youngster was: “Arrested on suspicion of carrying a lethal knuckle-duster at the Spurs match on Saturday.” A knuckleduster? Maybe Wenger isn’t quite the tactical mastermind we thought he was, if the score stayed 1-1 and Traore came on at 80 minutes who knows what would have happened.

His excuse for this loutish behaviour? An, ahem, insider told the Sun that: “Armand had no idea he’d done anything wrong because the laws are different in France.”

That’s the same excuse we used when we were caught with explosive-grade plutonium at Heathrow. After all if it’s legal somewhere, it’s legal everywhere.