Hot or Not: Newcastle Boss Sam Allardyce’s Performance So Far?

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Big Sam today blustered in with some very interesting comments about Rafa Benitez, saying that if it wasn’t for the Spaniards success in the Champions League he wouldn’t have a job at Liverpool.

This begs the question, what has Big Sam done to warrant any job security at St James Park? Bolton’s collapse under the near extinct beast, the “lesser talented little Sam”, has shown that Allardyce was instrumental in keeping Bolton so high, but how has he done at Newcastle. Yesterday’s dismal defeat to Derby County, stalled the Rams determined charge towards relegation, and surely had the doubters creeping out of the woodwork at Newcastle.

On the other side of the coin Big Sam did get a ridiculous amount of money for the perennially crippled Kieron Dyer; who is , as expected, currently crippled. But is the football Boltonesque, are the signings…well, Boltonesque, or is Sam getting the club back on track?

So what is your verdict, Big Sam – hot or not?