Manchester United Winger Loves Watching Himself

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Manchester United winger Ronaldo obviously has a lot of spare time. Coupled with the rumours that his mansion is festooned with posters of himself, that he sleeps in his own Manchester United duvet covers, and spends most of his free time in front of a huge full length mirror, is Ronaldo’s confession that he likes watching himself… IN BED. No, not really, but that would have been much more disturbing.

Ronaldo has admitted that he likes watching himself play in the Sporting Lisbon – Manchester United friendly , in which he played so well, did so many step-overs, and generally did such a good impression of Fred Astaire on acid, that Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs begged Sir Ferg to sign the lad up.

Ronaldo said:

“I have watched that game many times…It was a spectacular match for a lot of reasons – it was our first game in the new stadium, there was a capacity crowd and it was against Manchester United, a team I have always dreamt about playing for. Now that dream has come true.”

We also spend our time reliving the turning point in our lives, except instead of a match that led to a move to the biggest club in the world it was the realisation that you can drink milk past its expiry date with only moderately explosive results.