West Ham Chairman Steps Down! Your Verdict?

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News has arrived today that alien-like Eggsy Magnusson is to step down as executive chairman of West Ham in a boardroom reshuffle at the Premier League club.

Egghead Magnusson can regard his biggest success so far as keeping the rabid FA and Sheffield United wolves at bay, after securing a cash fine rather than a hefty points deduction – now that he has done that, he’s stepping down. Egghead said:

“We have worked hard to create stability and optimism sometimes in very difficult and trying circumstances…It is now important to broaden the management team so that we can deliver the bright future that is opening up for the club.”

With Egghead Magnusson shuffling over, a fresh team of executives will be put in place to do the bidding of club owner Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson. This shuffling will probably increase Gudmundsson’s influence at West Ham, and what kind of influence that is will be anybodies guess… Gudmundsson offered us this rather cliched tidbit: ”

It is now vital for our longer-term ambitions to become one of the leading clubs in England playing for honors both at home and in Europe that we strengthen the senior team,”

Presumably the powers that be weren’t entirely happy with Eggsy’s work, otherwise they wouldn’t have to “strengthen the senior team”.

So what is your analysis of Eggy Magnusson’s tenure?