Predict The Score And Show Everyone That They’re Idiots

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C’mon, throw your hat in the ring, tell us what you think is going to happen in the premier league this weekend. There is no phrase in the English language as powerful and as satisfying as “I TOLD YOU SO!!!” , especially when you are bellowing it in a mates ear after his team have been royally mullered.

Are Arsenal fans wary of the threat of whoever the hell Derby play up front? Are Chelsea fans worried about how Avram will run their ship and will the Chelsea players be able to see through the tears? Will Tottenham be able to beat a Premier League team as they can one from Cyprus?

Whatever the case, the fixtures are below just cut and paste them into the comments and fill in your predictions.

Arsenal v Derby:
Fulham v Man City:
Liverpool v Birmingham:
Middlesbrough v Sunderland:
Reading v Wigan:
Aston Villa v Everton:
Blackburn v Portsmouth:
Bolton v Tottenham:
Manchester United v Chelsea:
Newcastle v West Ham: