Chelsea Players Are Sensitive, Like Small Girls

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The Sun is today picking through the wreckage of Chelsea’s backroom, speculating that Mourinho’s departure from Chelsea could signal the departure of several players, top of the list is Didier Drogba, who led the wailing, weeping group of Chelsea players sad to see the Special One leave. The Sun used one of its most suspect tactics in reporting on Drogba, that of using quotes from unnamed sources (one wonders if those unnamed sources are a spotty faced intern at the sports desk.)
A friend of Drogba says that :

“Didier is absolutely furious with Chelsea and cannot believe they would sack Mourinho like this.He looked on Jose as his mentor and does not know that he can achieve his best form for Chelsea under another coach.It will take a few weeks yet before he’s fit to play but it’s a matter of when and not if that he’ll leave the club.”

Ian McGarry also tells us in the Sun about an emotional farewell from the special one, who came to pick up his belongings the next day, every player lined up by their training station, Mourinho swept in, and said goodbye to each player individually. He offered a handshake to Shevchenko that would have “frozen a mug of tea.” and when the Special One got to Drogba he said (and have your hankies ready for this one) :

“You are one of the best strikers in the world and you have made yourself into one of the best players…I am very proud of you, Didi — and you should be proud of yourself….You have worked hard and you are a winner. Always remember you are a winner.”

Drogba, according to McGarry, “failed to keep himself together and broke down in tears.”. Awww, bless….

It remains to be seen whether Avram Grant will inspire such tears, and whether they will come on the back of a Chelsea nosedive in the League….