Chelsea Are The Worst Run Club Ever

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Interesting article from the Irish Independent today about how Chelsea’s new dream team of Abramovich-Grant (doesn’t it inspire confidence just to say out loud?) have started lift in charge of the club. Some of the more facts and conjecture, incredibly, incredibly believable comjecture:

AVRAM GRANT’S credentials for managing Chelsea were cast into doubt last night when it emerged that he does not have any coaching qualifications, while his players are concerned that the Israeli will be controlled by Roman Abramovich.

And it is understood that in his absence, the team to play United will be picked by Abramovich.

It is understood that Grant does not possess a single relevant qualification, though he does have a letter from the Israeli FA, which says that he is an experienced coach.

Grant has endured a difficult start to his reign at Stamford Bridge because of the players’ loyalty to Mourinho and will not welcome the fact that they are now openly discussing whether he is merely an Abramovich puppet.

All good signs, certainly when Mourinho was winning consecutive league titles and cups left and right it made sense to start meddling with his team selection, complain about the football and the sack him so you can replace him with your unqualified mate.