New Chelsea Boss Is Just Like Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger

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One more tasty quote from the Irish Independent, as Avram Grant came off quite unbothered by all those doubting his credentials:

“I remember when Arsene came to Arsenal, everybody was saying Arsene who?” Grant said.

That is true, but that was due to a British press who were so ignorant to affairs outside of their own shores that they failed to notice Wenger either won trophies or at least challenged for silverware with Monaco in France and in the Champions League.

Even if one was to dig up Avram Grant’s coaching history there is not much to cling to even for the blindly optimistic. If Grant wants to suddenly win the league and every title Chelsea compete for, the more apt comparison would be to an unknown manager who joined Porto a few years ago and proceeded to win every league and cup title at the first try, including the Champions League and UEFA Cup.

Can’t remember his name, good manager though.