No Excuses, Tottenham Board Must Go All Out To Get Jose Mourinho

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Mr. C thinks Jol’s time is up, and we’re guessing a win at Bolton won’t do much to change that.

When Daniel Levy and the rest of the board hastily retreated on the back of widespread criticism by approaching Ramos; those who know the Chairman would have hardly blinked an eyelid.

He is a weak man at heart and why you just hoped and prayed he showed a bit more strength in his convictions and sack the hapless Jol; you just felt it wasn’t going to happen in light of the hostile response some fans gave. You know the ones who get excited and think 5th is a major achievement…also the ones who are holding the club back from reaching its potential by settling for 2nd best.

I have been on Jol’s case since January and got widespread criticism for it and why I appreciate that a lot of you have had a nice slice of humble pie since there must come a time after the gutless performances against Sunderland, Everton and throwing points away at Fulham at Arsenal when you have to say enough is enough.

As Adebayor stuck the third past Robinson, I was told by the man next to me “Jol has to go now” couldn’t agree more but kind of strange considering earlier the same man was singing “I love Martin Jol” they say love is blind and on this basis Tottenham are going to have to provide a facility for guide dogs.

You really shake your head at the mentality of our supporters some time; wake up will you!
I wonder what Levy and co made of Mourinho’s departure yesterday morning; licking their lips? How did Jol feel…twitchy?

I for one afforded myself a wry smile when I heard the news and thought surely the time has come for us to get hold of a top class manager who can fulfil the abundance of potential that is at our club. I would pay Jose £100k a week, if it meant he would take the job; the guy is a winner, master tactician and probably the best man manager in the country. Why not test the water? Take a punt? Jol’s had his chance. Chelsea may have forced Mourinho to sign a non-compete, but those will never hold up if Jose chooses to contest it.

You listen to Chelsea fans today and while they are upset their biggest hope is that he doesn’t move on to Spurs. They can see it happening but its clear talking to people tonight they don’t feel the same; bear in mind those are the same fans whose tongues are constantly up Jol’s behind.

So why you could question what they know about football, for the more sensible Spurs fans this could be a defining moment in our history if we bring in a man who would galvanise our squad and make it competitive with the current big 4.
The board have a huge opportunity to make an appointment that would give them a return for their £100m+ investment; don’t miss the boat and make the same mistake twice; get the man at all costs. What have you got to lose? Don’t worry about the Jol’ ettes, they will soon come round.