Jose Should Forget About Chelsea And Take Over The Liverpool Revolution

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Longshots from is going to miss Jose terribly… almost as much as Chelsea will miss him.

Even as a Red, I’ll miss Mourinho. I found his whining and arrogance hilarious… not like Wenger’s, which just makes me want to break his smarmy French nose. One can only hope that we’ll be treated to more of Mourinho’s specialness very soon and less of Wenger’s (he’ll be unbearable if he wins the league this year).

In fact, I’d like to see him cursing in Portuguese and pacing the sidelines in his ridiculously cool (its not dodgy dammit…) trench-coat for the Reds. I’d like to see him after a match against the Blues, on our side, making completely insane comments like “Yes, that was definitely a penalty” (I’m bitter… can you tell?).

But most importantly, I’d like him at Liverpool because his teams win. They have a certain ruthlessness about them and when allowed to buy the players he wants, Mourinho’s squads are built like machines. They may never be pretty, but he’ll have the trophies when its all said and done. I can only hope Benitez will get the sack after drawing with another shoddy team (oh wait, he just did… wake the fuck up Rafa!).

Whatever happens to the Special One, Chelsea will miss Mourinho terribly this year. Not because Grant’s crap (though he probably is) and not because Chelsea’s players are whiny, bitchy little prima-donnas (they are) but because they’re going to lose their best to the African Cup. With Mourinho, I would’ve bet on Chelsea weathering the storm when Drogba, Mikel, Essien and Kalou left to represent their countries. With Grant? Yea.. not so much.

If the Spurs’ defense could stop embarrassing itself, they might have a shot at 4th this year after all.

Random Question for Today: After 11 games (8 started, 3 subbed in) Cesc Fabregas has 7 goals and 8 assists. Now we all know we’d have to pry his contract from Wenger’s cold, dead hands but ignoring that… what’s his transfer value (in pounds)?