Be Afraid Of Arsenal, Be Very, Very Afraid

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Soccernet, the BBC, the Sun , and basically any news service with a working pulse is reporting that Arsenal are going to have a massive transfer war chest given to them. Figures out today show us that the Emirates Stadium does exactly what is says on the tin, namely increasing turnover by a huge 50% bringing it up to £200million.

Given that Arsene Wenger didn’t even spend all his money in the summer, Managing Director Keith Edelman released an appropriately smug statement. Edelman said:

“I think we are in a very good position…Clearly Arsene’s performance and the team’s performance on the pitch has been outstanding, obviously backed up by our very strong financial position.We gave Arsene a budget in the summer and he didn’t even spend all of it on transfers and hopefully we’ll be able to carry that forward into future years.We have got plenty of financial firepower to makes the transfers Arsene wants to make.We had over £70million of cash at the end of the year and if Arsene wants to spend that money we will make it available.”

So Arsenal, sitting pretty on top of the league, now have enough money to further solidify their success, possibly on a goalkeeper and a central defender — oh and they have a midfielder who has scored in the last umpteen games. Wenger hasn’t had the best record with big money or potential big money signings (Baptista, Reyes, Jeffers, Richard Wright) but if he decides to spend that 70 million on another 30-40 talented 17 year olds it could be trouble.

And all this has been achieved without having a fat jabba-hut-esque foreign billionaire foisted on them. As for the rest of us, we should be afraid, very, very afraid.