Dave Penney won’t be taking Sheffield Wednesday job because there isn’t one going… yet

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If managers can be sacked for winning six trophies and looking good in an designer coat (at least that’s our understanding) then perhaps Brian ‘spent all his cash of Franny Jeffers’ Laws better watch his back at Sheffield Wednesday. Still, when, sorry we mean if, Laws gets the chop, Darlington’s Dave Penney won’t be lining himself up as Wednesday’s 678th manager since they relegation from the Premiership.

“It is just paper talk. You can’t stop people writing what they want to write but it is all rubbish and I do not know where it has come from.”

Penney said, before double checking the assembled hacks had got the spelling of his name right (probably).

“There is no vacancy at Sheffield Wednesday so it is not fair on Brian Laws or anyone linked with the job. Sheffield Wednesday did not have a manager this time last year and my name got mentioned but – just like then – it is all rubbish.”

He added, according to Teamtalk, idley reminding us that he’s a man in demand.

Where does this leave Laws? Well Wednesday finally won at the weekend and who was on the scoresheet but the Fox in the Box. Which may just delay the trigger-happy Wednesday board, for a week or two.