Jose Mourinho Leaves Chelsea Up A Certain Creek Without A Paddle

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We’ve all seen it, an acrimonious split in the workplace and the ex-employee takes a vital piece of office kit – the last remaining stapler, or the keys to the mailbox. When Jose left last week he took vengeance from beyond the Chelsea hotseat by nabbing the scouting report on Man Utd.

The Daily Mail, always at the cutting edge, says :

“The new Chelsea chief had to start from scratch when Mourinho departed at 10am last Thursday with the detailed dossiers and form guides on key United players that had been prepared for him by opposition scout Andre Villas.”

To be fair though, surely Avram Grant wouldn’t have needed THAT much information on Manchester United, or would “Ronaldo = Good” written in big red letters have been helpful?

To make matters even more chaotic, Avram Grant didn’t train with the players on Saturday because he was observing Yom Kippur and didn’t reveal the team until they had arrived in their hotel in Manchester.

The Chelsea players are accustomed to being spoon fed their individual dossiers of tactics and scouting reports as well as being given the starting teamsheet a day in advance of a game, but they were left without any of that until 2pm yesterday.

Best. Decision. Ever.