Three Things You Learned This Weekend? (Part 7)

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Everyone saw the Premiership matches they cared about, and it’s a rather lengthy process trudging through the match reports of every club that matters little to you – especially if you’re still carrying the stench of defeat.

So instead, after every round of matches here’s the chance for everyone to share the three things they learned from the weekend’s Premier League football. A sort of cheatsheet, only with more profanity. To see what folks learned last time, click here.

This week it could be Obi Mikel ruined a very amusing start to Avram Grant’s career, that Tottenham are a bit crap, that Cesc Fabregas is some kind of footballing idiot savant, that Rafa Benitez is losing support for his title push as quickly as he gained it or that Derby may or may not be relegated by this time next week.

But what the hell do we know, leave your thoughts in the comments.

Here’s a list of the results as a refresher:

Aston Villa 2-0 Everton
Blackburn 0-1 Portsmouth
Bolton 1-1 Tottenham
Man Utd 2-0 Chelsea
Newcastle 3-1 West Ham
Arsenal 5-0 Derby
Fulham 3-3 Manchester City
Liverpool 0-0 Birmingham
Middlesbrough 2-2 Sunderland
Reading 2-1 Wigan