Another golden Oldie hits the Championship as Sheffield United look to sign Ze Maria

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The Championship has taken another step forward in its quest to give a home to every player who was good in the 90s but you completely forgot existed. That’s right, Ze Maria is signing for Sheffield United.

Remember him? No? The Brazilian lad who played for Parma. Midfielder. He went to Inter too. That’s right, workmanlike but didn’t really seem to achieve much. You got him. Anyway, he’s signing for Sheffield United. You know ’em, red and white stripes, in that film with Sean Bean as a footballer etc. etc.

Anyway, according to teamtalk a Sheffield United spokesman said:

“He’s flying in today and we’re hoping to tie a deal up on Tuesday, so potentially he’s available for Saturday.”

Apparently he couldn’t resist the chance to work with Bryan Robson. Oh, we amuse ourselves sometimes.