Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas Is To Football As Neo Is To The Matrix

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What price for Cesc? A player with everything on his side, most obviously talent and age? A player who lets his feet do the talking but isn’t too verbose (Robinho), Cesc doesn’t suffer from verbal diarrhea, dribbling too much and succumbing to the stepover every other breath. Neither is Cesc too monosyllabic (Carsley), foisting leaden passes on teammates – No, Fabregas does everything in moderation, it is all is judged perfectly, as if he already knows it is coming — just like Neo from the Matrix.

What price for Cesc? With his Utopian statistics – 7 goals and 7 assists so far this season, in Saturdays game he scored one and made two. He is young, on top form, and has even declared that he is happy at Arsenal.. those of a jealous disposition should look away now… so… look away Tottenham fans.

When asked if he could see himself at Arsenal in ten years, Fabregas said:

“Right now, yes. I feel valued and wanted. I love everything about English football. The pace of the game, the attacking style. I feel like a kid playing in the street.”

What price for Arsenal?
Things aren’t only looking rosy for Cesc, but for his club as a whole, today they announced that they are Britain’s richest football club after unleashing figures show their move to the Emirates increased turnover to over £200m. In just over a month Arsenal play Liverpool and Manchester United in the space of a week, after that we will know more about the embryonic title race. However, it is games like Saturday’s romp against Derby which might also reveal Arsenal’s ambition. Last season Arsenal lost only one of their six league meetings with Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United, it was lesser teams like Manchester City, Fulham and Sheffield United who beat them as well as succumbing to defeat to West Ham both home and away.