Eyal Berkovic Really, Really Hates Chelsea’s Avram Grant

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Stop the presses! Eyal Berkovic is disgusted by Avram Grant and Chelsea. He thinks they have replaced the worlds best manager with the chairmans best buddy and…well, yeah that sounds right. Chelsea’s hang-dog cadaver-like new manager Avram Grant has been branded “disgusting”, (we hope the Sun doesn’t mean that Grant has literally been branded with the word ‘disgusting’, although it would be warranted, he makes John Merrick look like a US Beauty Queen.) by Berkovic.

Eyal “Rent-A-Quote” Berkovic, the ex-West Ham midfielder fired off a nasty attack in the Sun, and we suspect that it might have something to do with the fact that Avram Grant ended Berkovic’s international career, just a hunch though.

Berkovic said:

“I think the way Chelsea gave the job to Grant was disgusting and disrespectful. Mostly it is a story with a known end from the very beginning. Chelsea and Avram have undermined the greatest manager of all time at Chelsea FC — the one all Chelsea fans admired with craziness and probably the most charismatic man in the football world today.”

After slamming Chelsea and Avram, Berkovic started getting heavy on the sarcasm, Berkovic said:

“We are all familiar and know who Mr Grant is. Sometimes you need to act selfishly in a way. Way to go, Grant. You made it. There is no need to be a great manager in order to become successful with a team like Chelsea.You have got money, good players and everything you want. All you have to be is a very good psychologist and you’re very good at it.”

Berkovic continued:

“It doesn’t feel normal suddenly to have a new coach you knew as Abramovich’s friend replacing one of the best managers in the world. This is far from being a professional act and it’s really hard to understand. I guess Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba and John Terry ask themselves ‘Who is Avram?’ But hey, Mr Grant, you made it big time. Good for you.”

So Chelsea have gone from ‘The Special One’ to quite possibly the ugliest man in world football, who is the stooge of Roman Abramovich, a man with so much footballing knowledge that he spent over £30 million on Shevchenko. Does ANYONE like Avram Grant?