Chelsea Already About To Replace The Random Guy They Just Hired

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The Sun has a scoop for us, apparently “Marco Van Basten has been offered the Chelsea job.”

Apparently Abramovich made an offer to the Dutchman last weekend and is awaiting his answer. The Sun obviously thinks this a hot story, but obviously they didn’t notice the cameras on Van Basten at Old Trafford last weekend like everybody else did.

Fabio Capello supposedly let the cat out of the bag, he said:

“Arnesen wants Van Basten to take over and has already recommended Marco to Abramovich…“Frank and Marco know each other well from their time in Dutch football.”

Soo, Van Basten at Old Trafford?…Mildly suspicious…Capello’s comments?…Edging towards very suspicious. All we need now is a quote from a close pal or a mystery insider…BINGO!

A close pal said:

“Marco is faced with a huge dilemma. He has to think things over and see whether he could leave Holland.”

So, Avram Grant’s successor has already been sounded out, how long before Abramovich starts hunting for Van Basten’s successor?