How many goals can Robbie Fowler get for Cardiff this season?

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If Steve McClaren thinks Emile Heskey is worth an England recall then surely Robbie Fowler is long overdue. Two goals on Saturday, two goals last night, it could be 1995, someone pass us a bottle of Hooch while we put on this Menswe@r album.

Whatever Fowler is getting for a week’s work at Cardiff (as if he needs it), he is worth it, his strike rate is similar to that of a Twenty20 cricketer. But how many goals will the next Jimmy Greaves get this season? Place your bets:

10-20 – He’ll surely get injured soon.
20-30 – Let’s be realistic about this, no one scores 40 these days.
30-40 – Let’s be realistic about this, people score 40 in the Championship.
40+ – He is back to the form he was in when he used to wear that strange nose thing that expanded his nostrils for “air”.