Newcastle Boss Makes Excuses For Not Thumping Arsenal ‘As Usual’

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Same old Allardyce – always moaning!
Newcastle Manager Sam Allardyce is always tooting his horn, claiming that he has Arsenal sussed, that he knows how to beat them. So Big Sam must be hurting today, after the realization hits him that he lost to Arsenal’s second string, with an average age of just 21.  It is especially embarassing for the man who made a career out of endlessly banging on about how easy he found it to beat Arsenal and how he had them completely sussed.

Oh well.

Big Sam said:

“I’m disappointed that we have lost, but more disappointed that we were forced to play this game in the first place so soon after Sunday,”

Allardyce continued :

“We tried to get the game changed but ran into a brick wall. I don’t know why we couldn’t play on the Wednesday night the same as Tottenham.I believe the police said we couldn’t. That wouldn’t have happened in the North-West and I believe they have more police down here.”

So Big Sam has joined the fixture lists are the work of Lucifer bandwagon…with all this moaning going on anyone would think that the Carling Cup was a tournament actually worth winning. Then again, as The Times points out Newcastle :

“have now entered and exited 127 league and cup campaigns since the Fairs Cup provided their last trophy in 1969.”