The Media Circus Is Killing Tottenham, Time To Put An End To It

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Mr. C knows who to blame for the chaos at Spurs, and for once its not Martin Jol.

If anything has been learnt from this whole Tottenham debacle apart from the fact I was right all along; it is proof of the constant love that the British Media have for our football club. In a week where Arsenal have been named the second richest club in the world and the fall out of Mourinho’s dismissal; it is Tottenham that continually dominate the back pages.

Can you blame the press for being incapable of ignoring our club? They are only human. But as a fan I’m growing tired of their constant intrusion into our club affairs which is destroying morale and is jeopardising a season that has only just started. We know Jol has his failings but the simple truth is he is the 5th best manager in the league and he would get us into that position if he still remained in the job; but the continual speculation and flat out lies being marched out by the media has created a division at the club that is clearly irreparable and is threatening any chance we had to mount a challenge on the top 4.

There is a ridiculous stand off taking place at the moment between the club and the press that you think that the Chairman would have the balls to come out on National TV and let the fans know what is happening. His failure to do so is doing nothing but fan the flames of this media bonfire of which their aim is to throw Jol on at any given opportunity. The time has now come for the club to come out and either back Jol or put him out of his misery; the longer they keep quiet, the media circus will continue to grow, at the detriment of the team.

I hate Martin Jol with a passion and know he is reached his level where he can’t take us any further but the manner in which he has been treated by the club is an absolute disgrace. Jol has shown a wonderful amount of dignity and even held the baying press away with calculated and clever answers.

It’s about time our board stood up and be counted…the press are enjoying every single minute of this and we as a club have been the ones sharpening their pencils. If we are going to achieve anything this season we must act now one way or another. The press boys have been drinking far too much tea and coffee in cafes down Tottenham high road the last two weeks and its time to send them packing…Sort it out Levy; you are gambling with our season here, not to mention the long term future of some of players if we fail this year.