Tottenham Wonderkid Signs His Own Death Warrant

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Spurs Wonderkid midfielder Adel Taarabt has just signalled that any potential he does have is surely going to come to nowt as he claims that he looks forward to living up to the tag “The New Zidane”. Given the fact that Tottenham fans overrate youngsters enough anyway, and then berate them for being crap if they don’t live up to the hype, it is quite clear that Taarabt has just ruined his own career.

His wonderfully named agent Rudy Raba thinks he is capable of becoming Zidane-esque, Robbie Keane already calls him “Zizou Junior”, and Taarabt himself told The Times:

“I am hoping to become that but it is my agent’s opinion…Other people have said this as well. I just want to reach that level.I love getting the ball and running at people. The supporters love it and that’s what I try and do when I come on.”

So will the Spurs faithful give him a chance to blossom before tossing thousands of boos his way, or has this lad just signed his own death warrant? Then again getting Taraabt from under the noses of Arsenal could be sweet revenge for a certain ponytailed Frenchman in need of a cab fare from White Hart Lane – who then decided to stop by Highbury for a chat and a cup of tea.