Arsenal’s Jens Lehmann Is About To Punch Almunia In The Face.

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Rabid Mouth-Frothing Temper? CHECK!
Error Laden Performances? CHECK!
Effete Wimpy Looking Spaniard Currently Playing In Goal? CHECK!

All this points to one thing and one thing only ; Spaniard Manuel Almunia is cruising for a bruising, and Jens is the man to dispense the aformentioned beating, eager to smash his rival in the face with his teutonic fists.

Almunia is seemingly completely unaware of the utter-psychopath in his midst. Almunia naively told The Sun:

“Now I can really say I’m enjoying myself in London.I feel the No.1 spot is mine.I have to grab on to it with all my strength so it doesn’t escape me.This is my moment and I don’t intend to let it go.”

Oh dear, Psycho Jens will not be pleased… any bets?