Martin Jol Clearly Does Not Know Tottenham Fans Very Well

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After his team’s two-nil victory, Martin Jol talked of the boo-inspiring substitution that he made, taking off Defoe and bringing on Keane. Jol claimed that he isn’t scared of booing, and that the Spurs faithful shouldn’t be afraid with someone as gutsy as him. Big Martin Jol left us with an absolute belter of a quote, the big Dutchman declared:

“I’m not someone to fear things…They say in Holland-have no fear, Jolly is here’.”

Tottenham manager Martin Jol has lashed out at his own personal punch-bag, Jermain Defoe, accusing the recalcitrant goalscorer of being disrespectful to he teammates. Defoe had a hissy fit when he was substituted yesterday, during Spurs’ victory over Middlesbrough.

Although given a starting place against Middlesbrough, Defoe reacted when he was substituted for Robbie Keane in 69th minute. Supported by the crowds boos, Defoe flounced around in dismay at being taken off. Manager Martin Jol said:

“Even with children, if they have a lot of support they feel confident. But I always say if you come off you have to show respect for your team-mates.”

Defoe was left looking like a little kid, after the substitution proved to be a masterstroke. Keane was a revelation when he came on, and within 3 minutes he had set up Gareth Bale for Tottenham’s first. The fans, suddenly forgetting moping Defoe, now started cheering for Jol.

After the game Jol asked, what is a bit of booing between friends? Jol said:

“I don’t think it’s about booing me — because a minute later they are singing my name…Our supporters are entitled to do that because they care for people and they were showing they are good supporters.

Yes because if they were booing you one minute, and then singing your name the next, that would make them very fickle. And that doesn’t sound at all like Spurs fans…